Tuesdays, 2:30 - 3:45 P.M.

Instructor: Prof. Abigail  Drescher    Department of Social Sciences / Pamplin

What do The Dark Knight, Scarface, and Widows all have in common? Criminological theory of course! Students will learn about various criminological theories and then apply those theories to various films.   

Instructor: Dr. Debra van Tuyll    Department of Communication / Pamplin

Are trigger warnings helping or harming students? This class will explore the role of the free speech and academic freedom on campus and help students understand related hot-button issues such as racist or sexist language on college campuses.             


Instructor: Prof. Jane Hodges Department of Psychological Sciences /  College of Science & Mathematics

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can have a critical impact on our daily lives. For example, cognitive performance such as memory, is important to any individual. Recently, it has been shown that sleep deprivation is one of many motivators for patients diagnosed with dementia. There are many unanswered questions regarding both the functions of sleep and the effects of sleep loss. This particular class will engage the student in discussions and research on how sleep loss can affect academic, physical, and emotional performance based on biological and behavioral components.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Allison    Department of Psychiatry 

支持微信提现的游戏Sleep is one of our most basic needs, yet millions of Americans suffer from poor or insufficient sleep. This course will examine the importance of sleep health, common pitfalls of sleep problems, and how to improve sleep.                 


Instructor: Prof. Melissa Johnson   Reese Library/University Libraries

This Inquiry class will look at the significance of the super-hero. Using Superman as a guidepost, the class will investigate what makes a hero “super” and why heroes are needed. The class will try to answer what exactly the superhero’s role is in ensuring “truth, justice, and the American Way.”                  


Instructor: Dr. Hubert Van Tuyll Department of Social Sciences / Pamplin

This class will enable students to research, discuss, and present on the nature, conduct, and consequences of war.           


THURSDAYS, 2:30 - 3:45 P.M.

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Huggins      First Year Experiences and Academic Success

What constitutes a "well-designed" life? Is it your career or profession? Your family-work balance? Or is making a difference in the world? Students will consider what experiences in college will result in a well-designed life by using tools of research and reflection --then create their own plan for how to make this happen!

Dr. Karla Leeper           Department of Communication / Pamplin         

This course will read the book The Death of Expertise and explore why, in an era of almost unlimited access to information, we seem to know less. We will examine how those with expertise can more effectively engage the public and policymakers.     


Fridays, 11:00 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Kemp       Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation / College of Education

In the past few years, the world has changed. There are movements and marches, concerns and causes. All too often, however, people are just letting things happen. The purpose of this INQR course is to introduce students to activism through the creation of activism project that seeks to inform, illuminate, or work on solving a problem. In small groups, students will create materials, raise money, and inform the public about their cause.

Instructor: Dr. Candace Griffith     Department of Social Sciences/Pamplin

Protection in a cyber-focused society is important. Preventing victimization is the key to taking full advantage of living in a connected world.

Instructor: Dr. Wes Kisting     Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences



Fridays, 12:00 - 1:15 P.M.

Instructor: Dr. Nai-Cheng Kuo                                 Department of Teaching and Leading / College of Education

Through dialogue and questioning, we will discuss how to deal with life problems through practical wisdom of philosophy. We will also explore actions that we can take to lead a better and happier life.           

Instructor: Dr. Craig Albert                  Department of Social Sciences / Pamplin College

支持微信提现的游戏This course will investigate the weaponization of social media as a tool of information warfare. It will additionally investigate the theory and causes of strategic cyberwar.                                               

Instructor: Dr. Kevin Brueilly             Department of Physical Therapy / Allied Health      
Instructor: Dr. Colleen  Hergott               支持微信提现的游戏           

支持微信提现的游戏The news stories of today have been challenged in many ways due to many factors in our society. This course will allow the learner to develop real-life skills in assessing current news for the concepts that constitute validity and apply those lessons in their daily lives.


Fridays, 1:00 - 2:15 P.M.


Instructor: Dr. Candace Best                                  Department of Psychological Sciences / Science & Math

支持微信提现的游戏This course will examine major aspects of differences across society. Students will learn how to apply this information to understanding oneself and others.

Instructor: Dr. Seretha Williams     Department of English and Foreign Languages /  Pamplin


Instructor: Dr.  Soma Mukhopadhyay                         Biological Sciences / Science & Math

Some ground breaking discoveries and invention about physiological functions (like blood types) and pharmaceutical drugs (like penicillin) have saved lives of millions of people. This course will look for the heroes whose work have impacted the human life forever. This course is designed for professional scholars.  

Instructor: Dr. John Heslen                         Pamplin and School of Computer and Cyber Sciences      

支持微信提现的游戏This course will introduce students to the history of intelligence and espionage.  Students will study intelligence operations from ancient, medieval, and modern times and gain an appreciation for the role of technology in supporting espionage.  This course is designed for honor students. 

Instructor: Dr. Christina Heckman                            Department of English and Foreign Languages / Pamplin

Instructor: Prof. Brian Rust                                           Department of Art and Design / Pamplin              
This Inquiry seminar will focus on the following question: how does an artist, whether literary or visual, examine and represent the beauty of motion? Students will pursue this question through readings on kinetic art and public art as well as poems emphasizing kinetic imagery. For the major course project, students will collaborate in creative teams to design and build interactive kinetic sculptures for exhibition at the INQR Expo.              



Instructor: Dr. Hannah Bennett             Department of Kinesiology / College of Education
This course is designed for students who wish to understand more about the diverse roles that sport and exercise can fulfill. A particular focus will be on how exercise and sport interventions can create a positive change for individuals, communities, and whole populations.

Instructor: Dr. David Hunt                      Department of Social Sciences / Pamplin

How can I perform better in the many different aspects of life? This course will explore ways of improving human performance.   

Instructor: Dr. Renuka Mehta                            Department of Pediatrics / Medical College of Georgia 
Several newer technology are available to teach students, although not sure which one are the most helpful and useful for a specific curriculum. The students will have opportunity to explore this further.